For a Retired Firefighter – a Thank You Letter
launches a second career

Who would have thought that a simple thank you letter to a cruise line for a great vacation could turn into a second career? Certainly not Mike Coyne, co-owner of Sail4Less in Oak Forest, Illinois who took an Alaskan cruise on Holland America Line in 1991 with his wife and co-owner, Lynne after taking an early retirement from the Chicago Fire Department.



It all started when he wrote to Holland America to thank the company for his excellent first cruise to Alaska. He then posted glowing remarks on a cruise website which was noticed by a Holland America employee. That started a few telephone calls back and forth in which the Holland America saleswoman had the foresight to suggest that perhaps someone so enthusiastic about their ships could promote them. That’s how Sail4Less was born with nothing more than a computer, a fax machine, a telephone and a pool of friends who listened when Coyne said he wanted to set up their next vacations.

Coyne started in the agency business by having his youngest son turn the computer on and off for him because he was afraid he would do something wrong. He then took a six week computer course at a local community college and persuaded his 13 year old nephew to help set up the website. When what really got him off the ground was becoming a CLIA agent.

"A love of travel had me looking for opportunities", he says. We started with Holland America but have evolved over the years and now book with all major cruise lines and cruise tours. We know the best travel bargains at sea as well as all tour packages around the globe by rail and air.

Thousands of clients have been pleased by the great amenities and credits we offer thus discounting the pricing of our packages. Our 16 travel planners from the U.S. and Canada are all industry trained to serve your interests. Your total satisfaction is our goal.

Options, upgrades and details are seemingly endless. One can go into the internet and find a price . . . however, there is so much more involved in obtaining the

"Best Value and creating the Best Vacation of a lifetime".


Please contact us to learn which choices are best for you. We will be there to support you once you have booked until the moment of travel and until you have returned home.

We look forward to the pleasure of serving you!
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